Friday, March 26, 2010

Price List


Comes in field dressed $35.00 to skin &  $100.00 to process

Packaging the tenderloin, backstrap, some ham steaks,
remainder deboned for burger- pkg. in 1 ½ lb. bags

Snack stix $6.00 lb. (before cooking)
with Jalapeno and Cheese add $1.00 lb.
Jerky $8.00 lb. (before cooking)
Summer sausage $6.00 (before cooking)
with Jalapeno and cheese add $1.00 lb
Saving the cape, feet, antlers or head is extra

Hogs & Deer

To Process 1 Hog Approx. 80 - 125 lb. live weight
If it comes in field dressed I charge  $35.00 to skin ; $100.00 to process

I do
 Rolled Roasts (shoulders or hams)
 Ham Steak
 Ribs (if good)
 Pan Sausage pkg. in 1 ½ lb. bags
Selections of seasonings include -1. Maple which is very mild - 2. Sage seasoning that I have been using for over 45 years - 3. Brats that are mild and juicy great for grilling- 4 Italian hot or mild 
Contact Jim Ivey

What to expect when you bring your game in to be processed

Contact: Jim Ivey 239-348-3977

Deer or hog processing

Expect 30 – 35% return weight of the dressed weight when calculating what you should have left for the freezer when the bone is removed from your cuts of meat.
120 lb animal dressed will yield 70 to 85 lb carcass (hogs loose about 50%)
75 lb carcass will yield 25 to 30 lbs of finished product

The size of the animal will cause these figures to vary because of the meatiness of the carcass. Large animals that are skinny produce less meat.
These numbers hold true unless the animal has been shot in the body causing trauma to the area of impact. Multiple shots will cause more damage which increases the amount of loss. Not only is extra meat lost due to blood but splintered bone which is exploded when a projectile hits it, this has to be added to the factor already mentioned. Multiple shots to a carcass can cause very extensive damage, if an animal is shot through the shoulder joint or the hip joint and the projectiles exits the body on the other side this animal may have massive damage caused by the impact plus damage from blood entering the meat.

Note: When we process your meat it is handled just the same as if it is for our freezer, if it looks bad you will be contacted to see what you want to do about it, you will never have to worry about the cleanliness or the quality of any package we put up for you.

When you dress your animal it is important to keep it clean. If sand comes in contact with the meat, it may be rinsed during processing and look grit free but if this meat is not trimmed away properly it will not be free of the grit, this increases the amount of loss and diminishes the quality of the product, so be careful while dressing, hang the animal if possible, otherwise use a small piece of polyethylene to lay it on. If you don’t know how to remove the bung while field dressing, ask someone. A cut or busted gut is a big problem hunters have when dressing their animals and it really contaminates the rest of the meat while in the cooler.

The following pages explain our processing procedures and prices. If you have any special request, don’t hesitate to ask about it.

Note If you don’t field dress the animal be sure you do bleed it, this is important and if you don’t know how, ask someone. A long knife is essential, entry is at the point of the breast bone, one stab all the way to the heart.